Happy Birthday Joe!

Happy Birthday Joe!

Happy Belated Birthday to Joseph Pilates – December 9, 1883. When history does birth an era of great visionaries like that of Joseph Pilates, humanity benefits, individually and collectively, from their contributions. These icons of personality and persuasion offer alternative choices from the ‘norm’ of current accepted parameters of the human condition. Information, knowledge, beauty, wisdom, growth, further possibility, and hope are the very least of what humanity can receive. On a grander scale, these ‘thinkers outside the box’ present a platform of transformation in both concept and the particular. They are ahead of their time. We must acknowledge an elevation in our thinking—a noticeable residual, a Pilates session brings for client and teacher—begs the question, how are we measuring the success we are seeking? Start Pilates & support Joe’s vision, the evolution of humanity, and a better life for all! @imprintpilates Imprint #Pilates | The Pilates Path to Health: Body, Mind, and Spirit

About Imprint Pilates

Private, one-on-one Pilates training is the focus at Imprint Pilates. We focus directly on your individual goals and desires, and you will see and feel the results immediately. As your body changes, your instructor will be there to modify and advance your workout to meet your changing needs. You will correct posture, strengthen muscle weaknesses and imbalances, relieve tension, and strengthen your core. Your body will be pain free, strong and flexible.
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