Pilates Foam Roller

Pilates Foam Roller

#Pilates is famous for taking advantage of the core strengthening potential of an unstable surface such as the foam roller. As a person tries to maintain balance while working with an unstable surface, all of the deep muscles of the back and abdomen are recruited to help maintain balance. #Imprintpilates instructors are awesome at inventing many ways to enhance mat exercises and mimic equipment exercises with the foam rollers. Try exercises like plank or push-up done with your hands on the #foamroller or feet instead of the floor. #pilatesTO @imprintpilates @imprintyoga @anita_ivic http://www.imprintpilates.com


About Imprint Pilates

Private, one-on-one Pilates training is the focus at Imprint Pilates. We focus directly on your individual goals and desires, and you will see and feel the results immediately. As your body changes, your instructor will be there to modify and advance your workout to meet your changing needs. You will correct posture, strengthen muscle weaknesses and imbalances, relieve tension, and strengthen your core. Your body will be pain free, strong and flexible.
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