Sit up Straight!

Imprint Pilates

After a lifetime of being told to sit up straight, you still catch yourself slouching more often than not. Stand taller & stronger with Imprint Pilates Mat or reformer classes. Under the guidance of a Personal Pilates instructor and the experienced Team at Imprint Pilates, you’ll work all your muscle groups during group or Private Pilates lessons aimed at helping clients build strength — all the while becoming longer and leaner. Join us today and take an intro Private for $38 or take advantage of our 1st week unlimited group Pilates and/or Yoga group class Pass for $20 and start to experience weekly sessions designed to get maximum results in a minimum amount of time. This core-strengthening fitness regimen will help you adjust imbalances, improve problem areas, reduce pain, and move more gracefully — even if you can’t quite balance books on your head yet.





About Imprint Pilates

Private, one-on-one Pilates training is the focus at Imprint Pilates. We focus directly on your individual goals and desires, and you will see and feel the results immediately. As your body changes, your instructor will be there to modify and advance your workout to meet your changing needs. You will correct posture, strengthen muscle weaknesses and imbalances, relieve tension, and strengthen your core. Your body will be pain free, strong and flexible.
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