Arnica RUBA535

At Imprint we inspire whole body health and a holistic lifestyle and I’m happy that RUB A535® developed a product that is naturally sourced and helps with pain management and bruising.  RUB A535® Natural Source Arnica Gel Cream and Spray is naturally sourced, has no artificial fragrances, colours, petrolatum and parabens.  It really fits with our natural health approach and, even better, it’s proudly made in Canada.  As mentioned, it can be used alongside Pilates and other physical activities as part of your pain free treatment plan (and maybe after an intro class if your muscles are a bit sore!). 

Pain is personal – my goal is to help people and clients be pain free so they can enjoy their lives, stay active and maintain a natural, healthy lifestyle. 


Inspiring Whole Body Health

Anita Ivic
(Owner • Pilates & Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer • STOTT PILATES® • CYA • BFA)

Imprint Pilates & Yoga
101 Spadina Ave Suite 103 & Suite 209
Toronto ON M5V 2K2
Phone:  416 939 9545
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About Imprint Pilates

Private, one-on-one Pilates training is the focus at Imprint Pilates. We focus directly on your individual goals and desires, and you will see and feel the results immediately. As your body changes, your instructor will be there to modify and advance your workout to meet your changing needs. You will correct posture, strengthen muscle weaknesses and imbalances, relieve tension, and strengthen your core. Your body will be pain free, strong and flexible.
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